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Sleep Hero Labs was founded by two married doctors Sarah and James Cooper.

 Sleep Hero was founded by two married doctors Sarah and James Cooper.

Sarah (a dentist) and her husband James (a sleep doctor) are a married couple with two super cute (and shy) youngsters.


Together they teamed up to solve one of the biggest epidemics in America right now -Snoring!

They invented the first and only complete anti-snoring system on the market that is guaranteed to stop all 3 types of snoring (nose, mouth, and tongue).

"I hate to admit it, but not too long ago, I was just like you. I was tired during daytime, and sleeping in the next room because my husband couldn't stand such a loud grizzly" -Sarah Cooper, inventor and founder of Sleep Hero. 

I'M SORRY, but there really is no better way to describe our story. 

Today, for the first time, I can safely say, we found an honorable solution for my snoring and I no longer snore like grizzly bear.

Solution that respects both me and my husband. One that works EVERY night and ALL night long. One that actually - and watch this closely - FITS IN MY PURSE and EASY to travel with.

We have learned that sleep time is priceless, once lost you can never get it back. Snoring disturbs those around you but you may not be aware that it is harming you the most. 

The truth is, when it comes to quality of life, getting a full, healthy night of sleep every night is vital to your overall health.

Sleeping well allows your body to heal, makes you more alert and energized during the day, boosts your mood and helps you be much more productive.

Unfortunately, many people suffer health problems due to constant, nightly snoring, either their own or from the snoring of their significant other.

To make things worse, research shows that snoring has a negative effect on relationships, with many couples finding it impossible to sleep together, thus hurting their intimacy and their relationship.

The reason you snore is that during deep sleep your jaw and tongue muscles relax, causing a partial blockage of the breathing canal, leading to obstructive sleep apnea and that awful snoring sound which is disturbing you and those around you.

Dr. Sarah Cooper, Demonstrating Hero Tongue Shield.

Founder with her Top Rated 5-in-1 Stop Snoring Kit.

So, Are you tired of being tired?

Here at Sleep Hero, we’ve combined current science with cutting-edge technology to help people around the world stop snoring. 

In fact, for the past 7 years, we’ve monitored and surveyed thousands of men and women experiencing severe snoring issues.

Our sleep experts have 1 major goal, and 1 directive: Help people stop snoring quickly, easily and safely.

We have worked countless hours, testing and perfecting what you now call the Sleep Hero 5-in-1 Stop Snoring Kit and Tongue Shield.

Jokes aside, this little nifty tongue device and the 5-in-1 Stop Snoring kit gets the job done, every time.


Sleep Hero is a totally Simple, Safe & Non-invasive solution!

  •  Highly Recommended by Sleep Specialists
  •  Non-invasive device that Opens up Breathing Obstruction
  •  Unisex Design, One Size Fits All
  •  Easy To Use & Get Used To
  •  "Best Snoring Solution of 2018" by Advanced Health Journal

P. S.   Please order with confidence knowing that we have 100 day Money Back Guarantee and Free 3 Day Shipping!

If you have any questions at all, please call or email us and we will take care of you!  

Thank you,
Sarah and James Cooper

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