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Why Sleep Hero Saves the Night?

The only All in One Kit on the market that attacks all 3 causes of snoring (mouth, throat, nose).

100-night money back guarantee.

1-year Unlimited Warranty plus more,

makes Sleep Hero your Best Solution to Stop Snoring!

SnoreRx® ZQuiet® PureSleep®
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Best Stop Snoring Tongue Device - Buy 1, Get 1 Free
$87.78 USD $189.00 USD

Free Same Day Shipping.

[ON SALE TODAY!] Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! Get 2 All in One Kits, With FREE 3 Day Shipping!
$97.00 USD $198.78 USD

Free Same Day Shipping.

"Sleep Hero has improved my sleep" "My wife can sleep!" William, Dallas TX
"I slept through the night" "It could make a dramatic difference to your sleep quality."Dr. Robert, Cambridge MA

You Get Lifetime Replacement Warranty

No Questions Asked LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. *Even If Your Dog Eats It, We'll Replace It for FREE.Go to Product Collection Page and add Lifetime Warranty to Any Product.