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The well-rested belongs to the world.

In five steps to happy sleep.

An active life needs the right rest - especially in sleep. Only those who sleep well at night can call on their full performance during the day. With just five easy steps, you know exactly which HAPPYSLEEP® products are best for you.

Buy a mattress without being tested? Is that possible?

We think: Yes, that works.

Because if you know the four most important factors (size, weight, sleeping position and desired degree of hardness), you do not necessarily have to go to the store. You can also complete it online here.

But whether you buy online or in the store - it can always happen that after a while you get the feeling that you would rather have a harder or softer mattress.

That's no problem at HAPPYSLEEP®: we'll come to your home in person and exchange your mattress core - free of charge, of course. Find out more here.

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