What Is Sleep Hero v2


The crowning jewel of Sleep Hero anti-snoring system’s technology is the product known as Hero Shield. Hero Shield is what we call a tongue stabilizing device, which basically means that it helps your snoring by attacking the problem at its core: your larynx as related to your tongue. Tongue stabilizing devices or TSD are a unique turn on oral anti-snoring technology in that they can work to immediately relegate your snoring to the past. Tongue snoring devices are different than mandibular advancement devices in a number of different ways and they should not be confused with one another. They both attack snoring by doing different things.

We’re going to go into the actual fitting process of Hero Shield at a later point in our Sleep Hero review, but we still want to go over the broad strokes of the product while we have you listening. With Hero Shield, you attack your snoring by putting the product into your mouth while you sleep at night. Picking up Hero Shield, you’ll notice that there is an opening in the middle of the TSD. You slowly feed your tongue into that opening before squeezing the little ‘bubble’ on the other side, thus pulling out any excess air. With your tongue stabilized, you stand a chance at getting rid of your snoring forever. The art of snoring, if we can call it that, has everything to do with your tongue and the muscles in your throat. When you sleep, your muscles relax and this causes your tongue to collapse toward the back of your mouth. When your tongue begins to obstruct your airway, you create what we know as snoring. This is also similar to the mechanics of sleep apnea, so Hero Shield can be used to attack that sleep disorder as well.

This is probably the most exhaustive list of ‘side effects’ that you are going to find within the Sleep Hero anti-snoring sleep system. With tongue stabilizing devices, you are going to run into a few side effects, including:

  • Tongue Soreness – The most common side effect of a tongue stabilizing device is tongue soreness. Some users report feeling slight soreness or ‘fatigue’ in the tongue when they first begin using Hero Shield.
  • Excess Salivation – Additionally, some users report that they experience an uptake in salivation and drooling while using the device. This side effect typically abates with continued use.

Hero Shield was designed to be used by anyone with snoring problems. The fact that it can address other issues, like sleep apnea, is just the cherry on top of the ice cream. Hero Shield works to fix your snoring by addressing your tongue directly, thus bringing about the most instantaneous effect against your snoring woes. Hero Shield is the final piece of Sleep Hero and it is by far the most effective.

We are going to start our Sleep Hero review by discussing the first product on the list: Hero. Knowing that this anti-snoring sleep system is a five-part product, we want to make sure that you understand each and every component. Hero Vents were designed to attack your snoring by addressing the problem within your nose. Most anti-snoring devices are of the traditional mouthpiece sort, where they intend to approach the problem of snoring by addressing your larynx. Sleep Hero is a complete system, so it attacks the nose with Hero Vents. With Hero Vents, users implant a special nasal maximizing airflow device into their nose. The goal with Hero Vents is simple: to address nasal snoring that is a result of congestion or allergies or something of the like. Hero Vents improve your airflow in your nose by dilating the passageways within. Hero Vents are the first part of the Hero Sleep sleep system, but they may end up being the most important part for many people.

With HeroVents, there is almost no real preparation. All that you need to do is practice routine hygiene by maintaining and regularly washing your Hero Vents with antibacterial soap. At night, before going to bed, merely insert your Hero Vents into your nose until they are comfortably installed. The feeling might be odd at first, but most customers find that they acclimate to the product fairly quickly.

If you haven’t ever used nasal anti-snoring devices, then you are likely unsure of how they treat you. Unlike your mouth, you aren’t traditionally used to putting things up your nose. With that being said, Hero Vents don’t really offer too much in the way of side effects. Still, for the sake of clarity, we should list the most frequent side effects that users experience with Hero Vents.

  • Slight Nasal Discomfort – Made of silicon, Hero Vents can feel too ‘hard’ for people to comfortably sleep with them. If your Hero Vents are irritating your nose, consider taking them out and using a different part of the Sleep Hero system.
  • Nightly Displacement – Hero Vents are small products and, as such, they can occasionally come displaced from your nose while you sleep.

If you struggle with nasal congestion or other nasal-related snoring issues, Hero Vents is a great product for you. You can use Hero Vents in conjunction with the anti-snoring mouthpiece, Hero Shield, or you can wear it alone.

Next up in our Sleep Hero review, we come to the Hero Strap. When you add Hero Strap to your sleeping system, you are getting a product that is designed to address problems with snoring related to your jaw. Hero System looks like any other anti-snoring chinstrap and it addresses your issues in the simplest way possible – by attacking the mechanical properties of your jaw. Chinstraps like Hero Strap work like a harness, going around your chin in order to keep your mouth in a certain position so as to eliminate snoring..

With Hero Strap, you couldn’t have an easier start to your anti-snoring system. You put Hero Strap on by placing your chin into the bottom loop. The rest of the system rounds about your head with your ears being placed within the side vents. Hero Strap also features adjustable straps so that you can pull the device tight enough to fit your needs. Hero Strap can be used right alongside your oral anti-snoring devices, like Hero Guard, and with your anti-snoring nasal devices, like Hero Vents.

With Hero Strap, there are very few potential side effects that you have to be worried about. Chinstrap anti-snoring products are as effective and simple to use as they are safe. There are no potential side effects to list, but people with bushy beards may have trouble wearing the product.

We spoke about the importance of controlling the light in your environment while you are at rest. The same can be said of controlling your sound. Sleep Hero focuses on giving you the tools to address problems in your sleep routine on every level. With Hero Plugs, the focus is on controlling any and all audio pollution that might otherwise disturb you.

Hero Plugs are a simple set of triple-flanged earplugs. These little silicone devices are meant to tread the line between comfort and complete noise reduction. What makes Hero Plugs particularly alluring in comparison to other earplugs on the market is that they are designed with longevity and reusability in mind. You won’t be using Hero Plugs once and then tossing them out. Additionally, Hero Plugs adjusts to your ear size and as such can work for just about anyone. All you have to do is pinch the bottom of your Hero Plugs before inserting them into your ear, allowing them to expand to your ear canal.

Earplugs don’t typically manifest many potential side effects and we’re grateful to say that this trend continues with Hero Plugs. Hero Plugs have, at worst, been considered slightly uncomfortable by people who are not used to wearing earplugs to bed. Additionally, some users claim that the earplugs are not quite as noise-canceling as they had been led to believe.

When it comes to Sleep Hero, the approach to addressing your snoring is exhaustive. The makers of the product wanted to address every aspect of your nightly routine and that includes addressing potential light pollution during your rest. Hero Mask is a comfortable blackout mask that was designed to be used in conjunction with the other products inside of the system.